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Contextual Entomology

In the natural world there is a constant cycle of decay and rebirth. I believe that if we look at nature as a precedent for the ever so complicated world of architecture/design, that there is a very dynamic and stunning similarity between the two as it relates to its life cycle. By means of applying architectural theory and architectural design principles, such as figure ground, line, solid/void, etc, to the entropy of life (nature) there is a result that I think can be examined.

Entropy, the expression in the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which explains the gradual decline of matter into disorder, is the conduit of nature in which decay and death breathe life again through the transfer of energy via nutrient stimulation for life anew.

I have been fascinated for as long as I can remember with the idea of decay, likewise the re-growth or growth of new life by means of decay and their relation to one another. For some reason when I picture this my mind immediately goes to those time lapse videos I saw as a kid in science class when I was in elementary school where an animal were to rapidly decay from a full animal into nothing and then at the last moment of the clip there was growth, sometime in the form of bacteria, or fungus, or even vegetation. This process from death to life absolutely fascinates me, and caused me to take a look into a few different avenues of thought; decay as a conduit for design, and death as a conduit for beauty.

I am working on a pamphlet that will contextualize my theory of the design of decay.

Please bear with my ‘as it would seem’ crazy writings.

Thank you.

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