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christopher strasser

Christopher (or Chris) is passionate in all activities in his life, especially architecture and art. When Chris was just a little guy he mixed his time indoors drawing out elaborate cities on computer paper (with tape on all the edges to make a bigger city), and running around in the woods around his home building forts and making jumps for his bike. His passion for the outdoors and art has merged into a bit of the design style he is focused on. 

Chris is also an architect in the suburbs of Chicago. He graduated with his Masters Degree in Architecture from Judson University, and has spent time designing Churches, Skyscrapers, 'Worlds Fair Buildings' and even more Churches all across the world.

When Chris is not working on Churches across the country, he is usually in his studio in the suburbs of Chicago.

If you see Chris, say hi and maybe a high five. 


2017- Risepointe Architecture

2014-2017: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

2013-2014: Chipman Design Architecture

2010-2013: Church Solutions Group

past exhibits:

2022 Dukes Ale House - Crystal Lake, IL

2018 ground coffee bar - Crystal Lake, IL

2018 art in the barn - Barrington, IL

2017 azingers fall art show - Elgin, IL

2017 art in the barn - Barrington, IL

current gallery:

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