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Animal Art


Graphite and Watercolor

The drawings all begin as a graphite drawing on 140 lb. cold press archival watercolor block.  After I complete a graphite drawing I have the drawing scanned and send it to an art printer to reproduce a set of prints on the same watercolor block paper as I completed the first drawing. I have the art printer use UV-waterproof ink so that when I later watercolor the prints, I don't run into trouble with bleed. When I receive my prints, I begin to watercolor each one individually.


I have always been inspired by the sheer beauty of the animal world. As an architectural designer, I have to focus on very complicated little components as well as the overall design and concept of built environments. When I look at nature (animals) I find myself analyzing the complexities of animals and wonder about their presumptive obliviousness of their own beauty in design.

I started this animal series to highlight the detail and beauty that I tend to experience when coming across an animal either in the wild. The splashes of color are used to amplify the details in the animals as well as giving the appearance of depth.

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