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vertical farm nashville, tn

why build out, when you can build up?


A vertical farm can come in many forms, a simple description is like a stack of greenhouses that relies on contemporary technology to produce light and nutrients for the produce. A vertical farm can produce anything that a traditional horizontal farm can produce, but in most cases at a faster and more efficient rate.


environmental advantages

year round crop production

1 outdoor acre = ~ 4-6 indoor acres

ex. strawberries = 1:30

all organically grown

reduces fossil fuels (no tractors/plows etc.)

elimination of run-off (recycling of grey water is standard vertical farm practice)

methane into energy production

wide range of potential produce growth ability

agricultural UMBILICAL

The mission of the Educational Center for Urban Agriculture in Nashville is to create a learning environment that focuses on agriculture and betterment of urban environments. The main goal of the center is to efficiently produce food for the residents of the Sulphur Dell district and beyond in downtown Nashville. The life force of the Sulphur Dell district feeds off the Tennessee River, which draws nourishment from the water and after filtration and purification gives life to an abundance of plants and fish that in turn feed the population of Sulphur Dell. The life force is the Educational Center for Urban Farming. This center nourishes the minds as well as the bodies of it potential users.

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